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Cloak QDX (Includes Cloak Series Inserts... $20 savings)

Introducing the Cloak QDX! This all metal superior quality airsoft suppressor comes with the Rage Custom Airsoft CLOAK Series Suppressor Inserts already INSTALLED! (For airsoft use only)


This suppressor has an average retail of $80 on the airsoft market. Rage Custom Airsoft is proud to provide you with a great savings on an elite product and includes the Cloak Series Suppressor Inserts! --The suppressor kit alone is a $20 savings!--


-All metal design

-Single handed removal and installation

-One of the highest quality and most stable quick disconnect adapters in the airsoft world

-Antireflective coating and external cage

-Laser engraved “CLOAKED” logo

-14mm negative(counter clockwise) all metal flash hider included

-Only weighs 8.6 oz with inserts installed

-Includes the brand new "Cloaked by QDX" sticker

-Rage Custom Airsoft’s Cloak Series Suppressor Insert kit included and installed



Length - 168mm

OD - 38mm

Flash hider - metal, 14mm negative (counter clockwise) threads

Weight - 8.6oz with inserts installed


*****This product is for airsoft use only. *****This product is NOT compatible with firearms*****

Cloak QDX

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