Rage Mission Statement
  Our message to you

Here at Rage, we want you to see that we are not here to fool you with false advertisements and exaggerated descriptions just to get you to purchase overpriced and over built weapon systems or products. For a longtime, we have dealt with the other guys and we are tired of seeing other websites fool airsofters into buying one thing and then end up getting a product that is not what they hoped for and not what they paid for.
These companies are so focused on the almighty dollar that they will use advertising trickery and false truths to get it. 
 Ever notice how easy it is to buy a product but how hard it is to process warranty issues or returns?
Filing for RMAs, looking for return requests, and sending emails back and forth just to get the right to send your product back to them is extremely tasking and ridiculous. In fact, it may take WEEKS to even get your item back to them and then it takes weeks to get it back from them. They KNOW this! This is a tactic they use to try and discourage you into NOT going through the trouble of a warranty or repair, which saves them money.

With Rage Custom, give us a call or email and maybe we can help fix the issue over the phone or email. If not, then you just send us back the item with a copy of your receipt and a brief description of what is happening. We take it from there.

Ever notice how the picture doesn't look like what you actually get?
​For example- a picture will show a rifle that seems reasonably priced with a bunch of accessories on it and its looks great, it looks awesome, it’s just what you want! BUT, one of two things happen: one- you buy it and it doesn't come with all the cool accessories you thought it did and you​'re disappointed and righteously angry or two- you catch the fine print stating that so and so items do NOT come with it which also disappoints you and righteously angers you especially after you take a look back at the price!
​Our pictures are exactly what you get. In fact, we won't take a rifle or product to photo unless it is completely done and for complete accuracy, our online description is the very last part of our customizing process.
Ever remember that the advertisement said something, but it didn’t happen or wasn't true?
One Example of many: Here’s a quote from one site as saying-"This gun is designed to come out of the box swinging with no additional parts needed from the end user."
Well, the rifle advertised did not come with a battery, so no go on that "swinging" part.

We believe it’s simple...... Get what you want:
 you want quality,
you want reasonable prices, 

and you want customer minded services.

Then you need to consider who you buy from.

 If you took the time to read this, then that shows that you're serious about your equipment and care about where you get it from  and we here at Rage Custom Airsoft hope that we can supply you with the best product for the money and the best service in the industry.

Thank you