• Large Square 16mm Inside Diameter
  • Square inside shape Insert

Square inside shape Insert

These inserts are laser cut to fit your suppressor and are created from the same Auralex sound foam we use for our Claok Series inserts. Just pick your preferred sizes and how many you need. We hope you enjoy these quality inserts as much as we have!

Insert Inside Diameter
Thickness of Insert
Suppressor Inside Diameter

Made from Auralex sound obsorbing foam

Laser Cut


Custom shape and size requests can be sent to ragecustomairsoft@gmail.com


Inserts are cut as each order comes in and this could result in manufacturing delays. Please allow up to 2-4 business days for shipping notification. Thank you.

**If you have any considerable fitment issues, please contact us via email at ragecustomairsoft@gmail.com. Please provide brand and model of the suppressor, a picture of the issue, and a measurement of the INSIDE diameter of the suppressor. We will get a new set out to you ASAP.  THANK YOU for your help!

Insert inside diameter: 8mm

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