Cloak Series Insert Kits (Multiple sizes to choose from!)

Our Cloak Series kits are made from high quality Auralex sound foam and are created from hundreds of hours of testing to provide you with the best suppression in the Airsoft world. We use a multiport-multistage design that diminishes the sound created by the rapid release of air and sound from the end of the barrel.

Suppressor Length
Suppressor Inside Diameter

Cloak Series Insert Kits

Design and attributes

Our suppressor insert design is based on diminishing the effects of the air and sound generated by the BB exiting the suppressor. Our design also keeps the inserts from moving around inside the suppressor. (forward, back, up, down, and side to side movement) We use a design that includes 4 different insert designs located in specific points along the length of the chamber. We also provide 3 front inserts that have 3 different size inner bores to help 


  • Custom cut to fit user’s suppressor 

  • 3 different size inner bores supplied for front insert - this helps in case there is an issue with alignment of the barrel with the suppressor. The smallest inside diameter the better.

  • Allows air movement throughout the chamber

  • Utilizes high quality foam used for sound air absorption

  • Stops insert movement

  • Baffles air and sound collisions with the metal walls of the chamber

  • Creates sound deflection throughout the length of the chamber.

  • Does not utilize a tube or spring that can affect air and sound flow



Many of the Cloak kits are made to order, so please allow up to 2-4 business days before shipment notification is sent to you. Thank you.

**If you have any considerable fitment issues, please contact us via email at Please provide brand and model of the suppressor, a picture of the issue, and a measurement of the INSIDE diameter of the suppressor. We will get a new kit out to you ASAP.  THANK YOU for your help!

Cloak Series Insert Kits

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