Evolution Recon UX 8” Amplified Carbontech Tan

Evolution Recon UX 8” Amplified Carbontech Tan
FPS Upgrade

*This product typically takes 7-10 business days to deliver.

Air nozzle: High grade
Battery and Battery Charger: Not included
Body: Plastic
Bushings and Bearings: Metal bushings
Cylinder: CNC Milled Aluminum
Cylinder head: Reinforced
Gear set: Reinforced
Gearbox: Reinforced
Motor: High torque
Motor Grip: Tool Less Access
Piston: Reinforced with steel rack gear
Piston head: Reinforced
Rail System: Die-cast metal
Selector Plate: Upgraded
Spring: High Grade
Spring guide: Quick removable without removing the gearbox from the body
Tappet Plate: Reinforced
Wiring: High flow

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