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The WP40 comes in blue, white, orange, purple, green, black, red, and yellow!

The EG18 comes in blue, white, orange, purple, green, black, red, and yellow!

For material data, handling, and safety information, please visit the Enola Gaye Tech and Safety page by clicking below

Enola Gaye Tech and safety page

Only persons of 18 years or over may use or be supplied Enola Gaye (EG) pyrotechnics. Systems should be in place to ensure people under 18 are not given or use EG smoke products.
General Nuisance

The use of smoke or noise products may cause alarm or be a nuisance where you want to use them e.g. If using white smoke, you may cause alarm as people may think it’s a fire.
Consider using coloured smoke only and/or informing neighbouring residences, businesses and schools etc. as to your plans.
Public Places, Stadiums and Public Events
It is illegal to use pyrotechnics in sports stadiums without the approval of the owners or management of the property.

Using Enola Gaye products or any type of pyrotechnic in a public places where you may induce worry or panic is illegal. It is not illegal to own or use pyrotechnics but they need to be used away from the general public or face potential prosecution by public disorder.

Just like any pyrotechnic article EG pyrotechnics may cause a fire, consider the surfaces that the pyrotechnics will be used on or near, are they flammable e.g. dried grass, paper.
Mitigating actions may include relocation, use of non-flammable protective covers e.g. fire blanket, wet the immediate and surrounding areas, use non-flammable containers to contain the smoke devices.
Fire Fighting Equipment
As there is always a risk of fire, equipment should be kept on hand to tackle small fires and to prevent fires spreading. There is no way of extinguishing the smoke device once started so firefighting should focus on the area around the smoke and preventing the fire spreading.
The amount and type of equipment you need depends on the quantity of pyrotechnics, size of the area they are being used in and the quantity of flammable material surrounding.
Consider buckets or containers of water, fire extinguishers and fire beaters.

Do not send any pyrotechnic product through the postal system, it is illegal.
Storage (at venue)
At the venue, it is important that the pyrotechnics are kept safe, dry, away from sources of heat.
Consider keeping the pyrotechnics in a locked vehicle or in a locked room at the event venue. If keeping the pyrotechnics in a locked vehicle ensure that the vehicle is parked in a safe location away from hazardous products e.g. gas canisters and fuel stores.
Smoking, Naked Flames, Matches etc.
Sources of heat near EG pyrotechnics may cause an ignition of the pyrotechnics either individually or in bulk.
Consider having a system to ensure that there are no sources of ignition around the pyrotechnics, No Smoking whilst handling or using EG pyrotechnics, all cigarettes, lighters, matches and other sources of ignition are kept in a safe place isolated from the pyrotechnics.
Use of Enola Gaye Pyrotechnics
Indoors or Outdoors – Unless specifically stated on the product or the product’s safety data sheet all Enola Gaye pyrotechnics are for Outdoor Use Only.
In public Places / Event venues – EG pyrotechnics and smokes may only be used in public places, stadiums, arenas or any other venue where the public may gather if permission has been granted by the appropriate authorities, owners, health and safety managers etc.
Holding – All Enola Gaye pyrotechnics that produce a bang must not be held in the hand or on the body once ignited, they must be deployed to at least the safety distance.

Breathing Smoke – Under normal conditions the smoke composition burns which sublimates the dye which condenses as it cools in the atmosphere. In addition to dye, carbon dioxide and various nitrogen oxides, water vapour and various decomposition products of the dyes are produced in the smoke. The exact nature and quantity of the smoke emissions is dependent on the atmospheric and environmental conditions at the time of release and thus ill-defined.
Protection of Surfaces and Staining – EG smokes will stain surfaces and materials if they come in contact with the main concentrated smoke plume or are exposed to prolonged smoke as the residues will build up over time. Surfaces in contact with the main smoke plume should be protected or the device placed inside a non-flammable container e.g. metal tin
Altering Products
Under no circumstances should EG pyrotechnics be tampered with, this includes re-labelling. EG products have been tested and CE marked against a strict set of standards, altering the product in any way will invalidate your warranty and guarantee.