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Polarstar MR Regulator (Standalone)

Modular construction with standard and high-pressure configurations availableSimplistic design requires only 3 o-rings promoting both reliability and ease of maintenanceAdjustable output pressure from 40 PSI to 130 PSI (standard configuration)Integral tournament lock utilizes standard zip-tie without the need for moving or additional partsLow profile design stands less than 2.25? tall resulting in the entire regulator being more compact than a tr

Enola Gaye Airsoft Burst Tactical Smoke Grenade - BLUE- PACK OF 5

DISCLAIMER: Do not use this smoke grenade in public and fields that do not authorize its use. These smoke grenades emit a "cold burn," meaning no external flame is produced. There is still a fire risk due to some sparks upon ignition. DO NOT use near flammable materials.Features: - Largest smoke output product in today\'s market. - Specifically designed to fit into any MOLLE tactical pouch. - Wire pull mechanics design offers a guaranteed on-comma

Rage G14 Ops Mark I


​Introducing the Rage G14 Ops Mark I ​RAGE modified to increase reliability, accuracy, and range.

The GSG G14 weapon system is light, versatile, and powerful system that can meet all your airsoft needs.

Largest battery compartment we\'ve seen yet!! One push pin release!

PolarStar JACK Nozzle

PolarStar JACK Nozzle, G36K, CLASSIC ARMYThis is a nozzle for the JACK so that you can change your existing Jack to an M4 platform or replace your nozzle if necessary.TypeAK, LCT, ARX106 ELITE, EF, AUG, CLASSIC ARMY, G36C, EF (S&T), G36K, CLASSIC ARMY, G36KV. EF (Ares), KAC LMG, CLASSIC ARMY, M240B, ECHO 1, M249, Classic Army, M4, VFC, MASADA, A&K, MASADA, PTS, Mk43 (M60), A&K, MP5, G&G (blowback), MP5-A4 TFB, ECHO 1 (CYMA), SCAR-H, VFC, SR-25, A