Ever bought a rifle only to find that it doesn't work properly or it's broken?
Or at first it's fine, but then shortly down the line it breaks?
The quality control that is in place for some manufacturers is sub par at best. Throughout the airsoft community there are hundreds of stories and experiences that prove this. 
Rage can order your rifle(free shipping) or take the current one you have and do a full inspection for just $30! 

     Our After Factory Inpections find all the issues first, keeping you from having to deal with them in the field. We inspect your airsoft rifle system inside and out to insure that you are getting what you paid for from the factory. Everything we find is recorded, repaired, adjusted, double checked, and backed by the only limited lifetime warranty on the airsoft market.
All for only $30

Almost all of the factory inspections performed at Rage found at least one issue right out of the box. Some were so bad that the item had to be exchanged and Rage takes care of all the hassles associated with RMA and shipping.

More the reason why the After Factory Inspection is so important 

ALL of this is taken care of, leaving you worry free.

 When your rifle reaches you, just connect your battery or hose and hit the field shooting. 


We also chronograph the system, adjust your sights or optics, install any internal upgrades you requested, and add on any externals you want.

Your airsoft weapon system will come out of the box ready for action with a detailed report showing what we found and what we did to fix it. Just connect your battery and go!

All covered by our fantastic warranty listed at the bottom of the page.

Custom Airsoft

Are you ready?

Want to order one? We can do it for you and do the inspection as well!
Free shipping on items ordered through Rage and free shipping to you!
When you receive your new, out of the box weapon system, you will be confident it is ready for you and for the field.
(Arrival times can be dependent on weapon availability)

Thanks from Rage!

(We are not a walk in business. Visits by appointment only)

 Limited lifetime warranty details:
Our warranty covers all repairs, after factory inspections, and custom work from Rage Custom Airsoft for the first 90 days after the repair, customizing, or sale.  This is a full coverage (parts and labor) protection on any manufacturing defects or customization failures. Normal wear and tear or abuse is not covered. Any work performed on the item by another company or individual voids this Rage Custom Airsoft warranty. The customer is responsible for shipping costs to us. We cover only the shipping that returns the airsoft system to the customer.
After the first 90 days, the warranty covers labor only. This is for as long as you own your system. Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the repair, customization, or after factory inspection. Proof of purchase or services must be provided.