List of products by brand Rage Custom airsoft

High quality upgrades, modifications, and repairs on AEG and HPA Assault riffles, SMGs, PDWs, DMRs, LMGs, and sniper builds!

Rage Custom Airsoft provides you with the opportunity to get what you want from your airsoft assault rifle, SMG, PDW, sniper, DMR, or LMG! Not only do they provide you with warranty backed repairs, modifications, and upgrades, they will also help you with building the platform you have been dreaming of!

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Rage HPA

$225.00 $449.99

Introducing the Rage HPA. RAGE modified to increase reliability, accuracy, and range.

Tried and trued M4 weapon system with Polarstar Jack drop in.

The stock G&G system has a great reputation for being a solid and reliable build. We at Rage inspected, altered, and customized this M4 with HPA to make it better than factory and battlefield ready. Just plug in your battery, load your ammo, and go!!

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Rage G14 Ops Mark I

$170.00 $339.99

​Introducing the Rage G14 Ops Mark I ​RAGE modified to increase reliability, accuracy, and range.

The GSG G14 weapon system is light, versatile, and powerful system that can meet all your airsoft needs.

Largest battery compartment we\'ve seen yet!! One push pin release!