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Rage R93


The Blaser R93 LRS1 (Long Range Sporter 1) is a spring action sniper rifle. It has a straight-pull bolt action design which user can load the rifle in no time. Official licensed full Blaser trademarks are engraved on the Nylon Fiber lower receiver. The buttpad, cheek piece and trail spade on the Nylon Fiber stock over a metal frame are all adjustable. The 2 Pieces Design of Aluminum non-fluted barrel is CNC machined to reduce weight and maintain high quality finishing. There is a built-in top rail for magnification scope mounting. Package comes with a bipod adaptor, 3-9 x 32 scope, 1 inch rail riser, and a 50 rounds magazine.

Rage Ares SR25-M110K (Full Metal) w/programmer


All accessories shown come with this awesome DMR build! Introducing the Rage ARES SR25-M110K. Upgraded inside and out to make a smooth running, durable, and accurate airsoft DMR platform. Comes with many attributes to make this build not only perform, but to also make it user friendly.