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Are you a team or individual looking to get sponsored?Limited amount of sponsorships available!!
Rage is offering a 20% discount on repair services, custom building, and custom inventory for signed teams and/or individuals!!
PLay in tournaments or competitions? Signed Tournament and competition active teams or individuals get 2000 .20g match grade bbs per active player for each event.
To get signed, first.....there must be sponsorships spots available. Second......a team must be established and active. To show this, the team must have one of the following-official teams shirts(clothing,etc), banner(s), patches, painted decals, stickers, etc.
To show that a team is active, proof of recent tournament registration, recent photos of team activities, meetings, play days, etc.

Limited amount of Sponsorships available!!

Onced signed, players will be provided RAGE patch to be worn on all play days, tournaments, events, etc.. Rage logo    (just the dragon, not the white circle)can be painted on any equipment free of charge. All Rage markings, patches, stickers, etc. on equipment must stay in good condition. Damaged Rage markings, patches, stickers, etc. must be replaced/repaired as soon as possible. Rage will supply replacements and/or repairs to these items free of charge. 
Ready to sign up? Just send us an email with your team name and contact information and we will get back to you with that stuff they call paperwork so we can get the ball rollin on your sponsorship!

Services for Assault, sniper, pistol, lmg, systems
  • Internal and external repairs
  • component mounting and adjusting
  • HPA conversion and repair
  • Pistol repair and alterations
  • After Factory inspections
  • HPA 1911 50 round magazines
  • Optic mounting and adjusting
  • Standard and Night Vision optic mounting
Custom AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns), custom HPA (High Pressure Air) airsoft pistol, sniper, and assault weapon systems.

All on request....if we don't have it...just tell us what you want and we will design and build it for you!

 Limited lifetime warranty details:
Our warranty covers all repairs, after factory inspections, and custom work from Rage Custom Airsoft for the first 90 days after the repair, customizing, or sale.  This is a full coverage (parts and labor) protection on any manufacturing defects or customization failures. Normal wear and tear or abuse is not covered. Any work performed on the item by another company or individual voids this Rage Custom Airsoft warranty. The customer is responsible for shipping costs to us. We cover only the shipping that returns the airsoft system to the customer.
After the first 90 days, the warranty covers labor only. This is for as long as you own your system. Warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the repair, customization, or after factory inspection. Proof of purchase or services must be provided.

(We are not a walk in business. Visits by appointment only)